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The urea tank Basics

Urea tank is the urea storage tanks, primarily for mounting on a truck, fitted with urea cycle through the engine, emissions reached the national IV standard.
State imminent implementation of four diesel Euro IV emission standard abatement systems required to aqueous urea solution, the urea tank for storing the urea solution, SCR selective reduction, to reduce nitrogen oxides.
Material: urea corrosion (casing material insert sensors, linear density PTFE)
Structure: meet the requirements of a certain volume, with a temperature level measuring device, has a high sealing strength of the container.
Process characteristics: box using slush molding process as a whole, durable, white non-transparent, in line with security requirements, accessory selection and reasonable SCR system to meet the design requirements.
Tank accessories: liquid level sensor, a temperature sensor, the heating coil inlet and outlet, the inlet and outlet of urea.