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The cooler of application and opportunities in the rotationa

Currently in food applications industry, rotational molding products can be broken down as follows: food incubators, food freezers, incubators fast food, drinks coffee buckets, parts tray incubators, food warming boxes, cooler rice and other products, in the hotel industry dishes cars, trucks and other ice storage products. These products were previously ignored market, with the rapid development of China's participation in the industry and improve the quality of catering, which is considered under uncommon products are being accepted by the market, the market size has grown rapidly.
The current surge in the number plant products into more applications, but most manufacturers of small-scale, industrialized retooling products species are also far less than developed countries, the quality and appearance are to be further improved. R & D efforts, the lack of high-level professional engineering and technical personnel, mostly switch to the novice, advanced processing equipment due to low efficiency, high energy consumption, the quality of instability.
As the world's largest producer of plastic raw materials and products of the Chinese nation in the international plastic molding process, especially with the international advanced level retooling biggest gap, thus China rotational molding industry has great development space for China plastics processing industry a new opportunity for development. In recent years, the emerging Chinese retooling industry have shown to accelerate the development of sight, especially food incubator freezer products, huge market potential has become increasingly apparent.
Overall, the United States and Europe, Australia, the market is relatively mature, the Chinese tend to lag behind, but the new products and new technologies bring new opportunities for growth remain retooling industry. On the rotational molding equipment, its difference is not large, because the new equipment products of high quality, production speed, still pulling the investment in new production lines, plus natural low human original, the pace of development in China in the next decade can and should developing countries par.